Eclectic Subdivision of Advanced Species

Protectors of the Plot Continuum

The Strangler Fig

The Strangler Fig is the head of ESAS. It was previously a secretary in the DMS, before being assigned by the Board of Flowers to set up ESAS in 2004.

The Fig is known to enjoy opera, speaks in a refined British accent (or at least is perceived to do so by Agents), and has a somewhat strained relationship with its Agents, especially after Logan and Entropy accidentally trashed the Cafeteria and the Fig was forced to explain to the Board of Department Heads how a Mary Sue in the form of a grizzly bear came to be in HQ.

However, the Fig is not completely unsympathetic to its Agents' plight. In the aftermath of the Cafeteria incident, the Fig set up the ESAS Training Room in order to provide better training in handling difficult missions. Whether this was motivated by concern for its Agents or just a desire to avoid any further embarassment to the Fig is a matter for debate.