Eclectic Subdivision of Advanced Species

Protectors of the Plot Continuum

Mission Logs

Details of ESAS missions will be published here as and when the files are declassified.

The following mission logs may be accessed at this time:

November 2005, HST

Mission: The Love Story of Boromir and Listala

In a pre-ESAS mission, Logan and Entropy take on a Boromance Sue

February 2006, HST

Les Miserables Songfic Crisis

The Agents of ESAS help to untangle the Les Miserables continuum from songfic mode after an influx of extra-canonical characters.

September 2006, HST

Mission: The Scourge of the Scarlet Maiden

Logan and Entropy versus a Suvian Maia Vampire.

October 2006, HST

Interlude: Punishment (in progress)

March 2008, HST

Interlude: Training Room (in progress)

Interlude: Two Guys, A Girl and a Macrovirus Epidemic (in progress)

Interlude: Discovery (in progress)

Interlude: Recruitment (in progress)

June 2008, HST

Mission: Fruits of Malice (in progress)

Logan and Kern are joined by new recruit Riboflavin to take on an OOC Darth Vader.

August 2009, HST

Mission: Under the Full Moon (in progress)

A student named Silmarillion at Hogwarts? Logan and Riboflavin investigate.

March 2010, HST

Mission: Trials of the Dragon (in progress)

ESAS vs a whole bunch of Jedi Stus.

April 2010, HST

MST: Like It Or Not

Logan and Kern join Laburnum and Foxglove to MST some bad Gorillaz real person slash.

June 2010, HST

Mission: Presents (in progress)

A journey to the Discworld to confront zombie!Teatime and Robot!Susan.