Eclectic Subdivision of Advanced Species

Protectors of the Plot Continuum

Welcome to RC# 2817, PPC HQ

You have reached the office of the Strangler Fig, Head of Division for the Eclectic Subdivision of Advanced Species, PPC.

Here, you may browse through the personnel files of ESAS, view our mission logs, or just natter on with the Agents. We ask that you don't disturb the Strangler Fig, though - he doesn't take too well to interruptions.

Agent Anna Condor, Personnel, Secretary to the Strangler Fig

About ESAS

ESAS is a jointly shared division of the Department of Mary Sues and the Department of Floaters.

ESAS specialises in non-human/ superhuman species or groups, such as Elves, Wizards, Mutants/Superheroes and Jedi, and agents receive special training in canonical magic/techniques, as malignant OCs of these groups tend to be rather difficult to deal with.

Agents of ESAS may be called upon as heavy support for agents dealing with particularly powerful targets, while serve as general agents in fics heavily featuring Advanced Species.

A heavily-Elven fic, for example, could either be handled by ESAS or one of the specialised Elven Units. ESAS acts as a general-purpose division that may be dispatched to many different fandoms, either to handle low-level incursions or as further support where existing departments are overrun with work.